Creative Duo Use An Amazing Technique To Create Incredible Paintings

Canvas has been a mainstay medium of art ever since it was first used for paintings in the 14th century. Though the art that goes on it has changed significantly since that time, the canvas has stayed relatively the same. Turning the art world on its head, the artistic team known as Stallman is setting out to change the way we see and use canvas in art.

The word ‘Stallman’ came about as a combination of the team members’ names, Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman.

Instead of using canvas traditionally, they have developed a technique in which strips of stiffened canvas are stood up against a hard backing.

The strips are carefully arranged to display a beautifully arranged abstract image of swirls and loops.

Each and every sliver of canvas is individually painted by hand. The process requires an immense amount of skill, patience and attention.

The results create near-perfect color gradients that look as if they were not done by human hands.


Due to the nature of the three-dimensional arrangement, light reflects off of the different walls and creates a sort of shimmering effect.

The various walls and swirls also mean that the viewers’ perspective and lighting can drastically change the way the canvas appears to the eye.

Part sculpture and part painting, nothing quite like this has ever been created.

The couple considers themselves to be two halves of the same whole as every piece is an accomplishment that they have developed and conceived together.

"Our union of dynamic minds dissolves the boundaries of what is possible turning the ordinary into extraordinary."

It is almost too easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the sea of incredible colors and patterns.


While some of their most impressive creations involve the use of gradients, some of their most stunning pieces deviate from the norm.

I can only imagine what it would be like to have such magnificent work displayed in your home.

As their popularity and fame have grown, the duo has been able to dedicate an increasing amount of time to creating larger and more detailed pieces.

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Via: Viral Nova | Stallman Studio

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