Creative Ways To Prepare Eggs

Eggs are a staple in many people's diets - they're cheap, delicious, and full of protein. In addition, there are so many wonderful ways to prepare this delectable treat, from simple hard-boiled eggs to customizable omelets. Most of us have a couple of favorite ways to cook eggs, but there are so many tips and tricks that can facilitate the cooking experience and enhance the flavors of your eggs. Here are just a few:

Oven Boiled Eggs

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To make these simple and delicious eggs, all you have to do is place your eggs in a muffin tin - no water necessary. Let them sit in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. After, cool them off in a bowl of ice water to prevent the eggs from cooking any further. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

Eggs In Holes


Fry your eggs inside onion and bell pepper rounds, or even inside a piece of bread.


Not only do they look oh-so-cute on a plate, but the combined flavors will take your eggs to a whole new level.

Separating Egg Yolks

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Don't feel intimidated the next time you see a recipe that calls for just egg yolks or only egg whites. There's actually a super easy way to separate the two without worrying about breaking the yolk. All you need is a water bottle! Simply crack an egg into a bowl, squeeze a water bottle and place it over the yolk, then let go. The yolk will get sucked right up into the water bottle.


Perfect Deviled Eggs

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When cooking deviled eggs, it is often a hassle to have your egg yolks off to one side in the finished product. To get perfectly centered yolks, all you need to do is turn your eggs on their sides about 12 hours before cooking.

King Arthur Flour

The yolks will center themselves in this position, and they will stay centered when cooking. This results in the perfect deviled eggs.

Flawless Hard-Boiled Eggs

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When you hard-boil eggs, air pressure tends to accumulate on the rounded end of the egg. To relieve this tension, stick a thumbtack on the rounded end when hard-boiling. Once they are cooked, all you need to do is give them a good shake and the shells will be easy to peel off.

No More Peeling


Peeling eggs can be such a hassle. Next time, try cutting your egg in half and spooning out the content inside.

Testing For Freshness

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There is a foolproof way to test whether or not your egg is still fresh and edible. Because eggshells are permeable, air can pass through and accumulate inside an egg. Next time, place an egg in a glass or bowl of water. If it floats to the top, then air has gathered inside the egg and should not be eaten. If it sinks, then it is still fresh and full of goodness.


Waffle Omelets

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Omelets can be harder to make than it seems. To make a fantastic omelet without the hassle, try pouring the egg mixture into a waffle iron next time. You will have the most delicious waffle omelet in just minutes.

Boiled Omelets

Homemade Ginger

Sunday brunch with the whole family just got a whole lot easier. Instead of standing over the stove trying to cook multiple omelets in succession, you can boil a bunch of omelets at the same time! Simply whisk all the ingredients in your omelet mixture, then put them into Ziploc Zip'N Steam bags. Place multiple bags in a pot and they will all be ready at once in just minutes.

Golden Eggs

The perfect "golden" egg is not as hard to make as you'd think. Watch the video above to learn how.

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