Creepy Things You Never Knew About Your Own Body

The human machine is something of a miracle. It's amazing that we function at all considering the number of compromises that appear to have been made on the long slow evolutionary trail to where we are now. 

Yet, within the body, there are an awful lot of really odd things going on. In fact, some of them are so odd that the term "freaky" might make more sense.

So, let's take a look at 15 things that are going on in your body right now that are seriously freaky. Really, you won't believe it when you discover what we have to share about your brain. 

1. Bacteria Party

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Your guts are full of bacteria from the time you are about 2 years old, and they continue to party and get involved in your digestion for the rest of your life.

2. You Shed Like Any Other Animal


Human beings shed nearly 9lb of skin every year, or more than the weight of a newborn child. See that dust around your house? That's you, that is. 

3. Blood Sinks

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When you die, the blood in your body has to go somewhere, and where it goes is into pools at the lowest point of the body, discoloring the flesh.

4. Bones Keep Growing


Bone is constantly breaking down and being replaced in the body. It's unlikely that any part of your bones is older than 10 years. 


5. Endless Waste


The human body is a giant waste producing machine. We're constantly producing biological garbage to excrete. This is why we spend so much time in the bathroom.

6. You Are A Mass Of Bugs


You're covered in dead skin. Do you know what likes to eat dead skin? Mites. So, you're also covered in millions of mites chowing down on that skin. 

7. Smell And Contamination

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In order for us to be able to smell something, a tiny part of it must become lodged inside of our noses. Think about that for a second.

8. Endless Death

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Within your body, there's an endless cycle of death and more death. That is, more than 300 million cells of your body perish every minute!

9. Bacteria Go To War In Your Ears


Earwax might be a bit yucky, but it is essential to keeping hostile bacteria at bay and preventing them from turning on your body via the ear canal. 

10. You Ooze

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Our bodies constantly produce mucus from dozens of membranes throughout the body. Without it, you'd die. With it, you're just kind of gross. 


11. Everything Is Urine

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The kidneys' only purpose is to turn everything we drink into urine. Without them we'd die, but there's nothing nice about their function, is there?

12. Eyeball Gunk

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The gunk that you pull out of the corners of your eyes when you wake up? It's called rheum. It's made of dried tears, mucus and dead skin. 

13. Gallons Of Saliva

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The average person produces 2-4 pints of saliva a day! That's more than a gallon a week. Saliva is essential to breaking down food, but that's kind of gross.

14. Fingernails Never Stop Growing


Fingernails grow at about 1/10th of an inch a month, forever. They even keep growing after we die, slowly oozing from the ends of our fingers. 

15. Brains Are Like Butter

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You might expect brains to be kind of tough from a textural perspective, in fact, they're really soft and could be spread like butter. Yuck, right?

Pretty creepy, right? It might be best not to think too hard on some of these fascinating facts. 

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