Crib Upcycles

Cribs are an odd duck in the home furnishing world. They’re something of a unitasker. Once your baby grows into a toddler, unless you’re expecting another child, you’re simply going to get rid of the thing. Often due to safety concerns, used cribs are simply thrown away. Some brands have responded to this single-use limitation by creating cribs that can adapt a little along the way. They’ll turn from normal crib to toddler bed and there are even models that can go all the way from crib to full-size bed! But those can be expensive, complicated, or just a little bit weird or awkward to use. They might require you to buy additional “sold separately” parts on top of it. The baby mattress certainly isn’t going to get any bigger.

Don’t lose hope, though. Those old cribs sitting in garages, basements and attics aren’t completely useless. Quite the contrary! There are so many things you can do with a crib’s various components once you no longer need it. Especially if your aesthetic leans toward the “shabby chic” side of things. Some people who love that look even buy vintage crib parts for just these reasons, baby or no.

For instance, the side rail can make an excellent modular rack for a craft station. Just add hooks!


It could be yours, or you could make one for your kids. A rack like this is so much easier for kids to clean up than sticking things in a drawer.

Only Decoration

But it doesn’t just stop at crafts. These racks can fit into just about any room that needs a little organizing, like the kitchen. Adding magnets really ups the usefulness.


If you’ve got a little handiness in you, you can even safely show off your china.

Someday Crafts


Or create the perfect bookshelf for your kids room. A little handsawing, a little sewing, a little drawing and you’ll have this adorable piece.

DIY Home Sweet Home

But the same concept can be quite sophisticated in an adult reading room, too! This magazine rack only cost $1.99 thanks to an Ikea sale.

Blue Cricket Design

Even if you’ve still got a baby but had to upgrade the crib anyway, this little project is the perfect child-friendly picnic-mobile.


Another outdoor idea, with just a few steps you can turn that old crib into a cute garden trellis.

David Twiss

Or even an ideal backyard barbecue organizer. We especially love the drawer underneath for extra storage.

Consignment Sale Queen

A few modifications and some chalkboard paint will produce this fantastic sandwich board, whether you’re really selling sandwiches or just want your kids to have a non-wall surface for their “art.”

The Red Kitchen


The common daybed conversion, with an outdoor-fabric cover over the mattress. This one is so simple it barely counts!

2 Little Hooligans

Speaking of mattresses, crib mattress are waterproof and pretty durable, making a great cushion for custom porch seats like this.

Lumber Jocks

Even the crib springs can be put to use. Here a vintage crib spring is a cool support for these mason jar candle holders.

Itsy Bits And Pieces

But even modern crib springs can get in on the act. This vertical planter doubles as a trellis for vining plants.

Consignment Sale Queen

They also make a great base for a woven wall decoration. A little burlap and some patience produces something that looks like it came from Restoration Hardware.

Junk Sophisticate

And the simplest idea of all, shorten the crib and remove the rail for an instant reading nook for your growing child’s bedroom.

Needlework Inspiration

Via: Faith Tap

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