Cute Parrot Plays With Paper Towel

If you want to make my day, give me a gooey cinnamon bun, a sinful bar of chocolate, or lots and lots of money. You know, the go-to smile-makers. I’m not the hardest person to please, but I have to admit, I am a bit picky. There are plenty of things in this life I love dearly, and just as many things that I can't stand in the least.

My dogs, however, are a different story. My one-year-olds will lose their minds if you give them a nice belly rub. No matter what it is, I always try to give them the best. I'll navigate the internet to find them the coolest toy imaginable - but it is often the box it comes in that they love the most! Something we consider as simple and mundane as cardboard can be a thrilling gem of wonder for our pets.

Parrots are one of the smartest domesticated animals. They can mimic speech and song, and can be trained to carry out a number of tricks. Like all pets, they need some healthy playtime. Parrots, like dogs, have their favorite knickknacks and toys that get them all riled up. For one parrot named Little Bird, a sheet of paper towel is a precious commodity. Watch his priceless reaction when he finds a paper towel.

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H/T: Little Bird & Friends

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