Dad Asks Daughters To Get "Blinker Fluid" And A "Bucket Of Steam" From Auto Shop. This Is Priceless

Something about fatherhood changes a man in profound ways. Yes, there's the whole "I created a life, and now I must protect and raise it" thing - but I'm talking about how you suddenly find yourself in charge of the grill all the time, and your sense of humor suddenly takes on a very... well, Dad-like character.

It's hard to define just what Dad humor is, but I'm sure most of you are familiar with it. It's usually kind of funny in a really cheesy way, often involving puns. Dad pranks are usually harmless, but also mildly annoying - such as wearing something weird to see you off to school. 

The prank in this video is a perfect example of dad humor, featuring a father who tells his daughters to go into an auto shop and pick up "blinker fluid" and "a bucket of steam." He even went as far as to give them a fake coupon. Although he didn't go into the store itself to actually capture their reaction when they first realized they'd been pranked, he did get their reactions when they returned to the car.

As one of the girls climbs back into the car, she claims she "did the talking" and declares, "There is no such thing as blinker fluid!" She's a great sport about it all through, laughing as she chides her father and tells him how the store clerks got quite a laugh from her request.

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H/T: Rohe

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