Dad Confronts His Daughter About 4 Missing Cupcakes. Her Response Is Hilarious

Everyone knows little kids absolutely love sweet treats. It's partially an evolutionary thing: sweet things tend to pack in a lot of calories. Kids consume a ton of energy between running around all day and having their little bodies grow into strong young adults, so it makes sense that they'd seek out calorie-dense foods. Besides which, sweet foods are just irresistibly yummy!

In this clip, Macario Aegeus noticed that several cupcakes were missing from his kitchen, so he decided to confront his daughter about it. Instead of directly asking her, however, he decided to turn it into a mini-investigation, and it turned into one of the cutest videos ever!

He starts by asking if she's aware that we’ve had "several cupcake thefts?" She readily admits to taking four of them, but when he tells her he's going to take her to "jail," she runs off. Looks like we have a fugitive! What follows is a good-old-fashioned police chase that you've just got to see.

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H/T: Rumble

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