Dad Creates The Ultimate Porch Swing Set

If you have kids, odds are, they are the ones in control of your backyard. Growing up, my backyard was filled with all sorts of equipment to create our own personal playground. We had a swing set and a trampoline dug into the grass. Now that my siblings and I are all grown-up, my parents have finally been able to reclaim their land. 

One DIY enthusiast recently faced a similar situation. With the kids too big for their beloved swing set, Instructables user hodgepodgerama set out to find the perfect replacement. There’s only so much space in one backyard, and yet, so many possible uses for it. You could have a porch, a fire pit, or a swing, but this dad decided to combine all three for one spectacular project. The idea was to create a different kind of swing set - a much more adult one.

Using the profits from selling the kids' old swing set online, he purchased four perfect porch swings. Each one would be suspended from a hexagonal wooden frame. To take this relaxation station one step further, the swings would surround a concrete fire pit. 

The first step of this ambitious project was to create the wooden hexagon frame. This would serve as the topper for the swing set.


After measuring out six equidistant spots in the ground, he installed six posts into the grass with the aid of a power auger.

With the posts in place, he needed to carefully level each one to hold the hexagon topper. The structure needed to be structurally sound to ensure it didn't fall apart. Cross beams were added to the top to increase stability.

Once everything was perfectly level, it was time to anchor everything into place by pouring gravel in each post hole.

Each post would get a dose of concrete as well for a permanent fix. The DIYer implemented temporary wooden braces around his structure to keep everything in place as the concrete dried overnight.

With everything dry, the next step was to sand the posts until they were nice and smooth, and then stain them to a more pleasing color.

The fire pit, made out of concrete landscape blocks, was then added to the middle and set in place with adhesive.


For the big finale, the four porch swings were hung up to create the ultimate swing set. What a beauty!

Whether cozying up by the fire at night, or just kicking back during the day, the family has been loving their new backyard addition.

You can transform your yard too by following hodgepodgerama’s tutorial

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H/T: LittleThings | hodgepodgerama

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