Dad Defends His Son's Down Syndrome

Feb 28, 2016

If there's one thing that can be said about parents, it's that they are loyal to their children. Obviously, some people are much better parents than others, but any loving parent will tell you that they'd do whatever it takes to protect their child. Raising a kid in today's society can be terrifying. The Internet has made bullying easier than ever before, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and hurting people in the privacy of their own home. Sometimes, though, people may not even know they're perpetuating one of these stereotypes, which is why it's vital that we have open dialogues about the things that make us different

Canadian dad Robb Scott experienced this firsthand when he overheard a fellow father explaining to his two sons what Down syndrome is. Scott's son has Down syndrome, which is why it was especially heartbreaking when he heard a father tell his sons that it was an illness. Instead of interrupting, Scott continued about his business, not wanting to cause a scene in public. But, later that day, Scott felt that he needed to tell the world about what he overheard and say out loud what he wishes he would have had the courage to say to the man who called his son's Down syndrome an illness.

You see, for Robb Scott and his wonderful son, the word "illness" couldn't be a worse way to describe Down syndrome. While technically a chromosomal disorder, Scott views his son's Down syndrome as the best thing to ever happen to him. Parents may not be able to protect their children from everything, but they do have the power to defend them and remind them how much they love them.

H/T: ABC News

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