Dad Finds A Box In The Snow, Discovers Two Nearly Frozen Kittens Inside

During a long day at work, a man stumbled across a white styrofoam box that was almost buried in the snow. It was out in the wilderness, miles away from houses, and covered in branches. It's a miracle he even noticed it. What was inside the box broke his heart.

You can barely see the box here. It blends in with the snow.

Even close up, it just looks like a piece of garbage that might have blown in from the road.

When he looked inside the box, he saw this depressing scene for the first time: a freezing kitten, shivering next to its frozen food.

Behind the first kitten, another kitten huddled close to her brother.

Keep in mind: this was out in the middle of nowhere. 

The kittens had been dumped there, all alone, to slowly die in the cold.


He grabbed the box and was determined to help the kittens survive.

The cat at the back of the box was sick, but not in as bad shape as her brother.

The other cat was in a very bad way. It's likely he would not have survived much longer.

The kittens were so traumatized that they were terrified to be without each other and would cry out when they were separated. 

The cats desperately needed medical attention, but, first, they needed to just make it through the night.

Warm blankets helped to raise their body temperatures.

They responded so well to their human rescuers; they purred like crazy whenever they were held.


The healthier kitten would purr and nuzzle anyone who would let her.

The other cat was still in terrible condition, but he did survive the night and made it to the vet as soon as possible.

These kittens are well on the road to recovery!

It is amazing that these kittens have been through so much and seen so much cruelty in their tiny lives. But it's equally miraculous that they are loving and trusting of their rescuers. What a great, happy ending for these two.

Credit: Imgur

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