Dad Is Outraged After Finding Out What His Son Was Forced To Stick His Head Into

Parents at Cool Spring Primary School in King William, Virginia were outraged recently when a second-grade teacher's bizarre method of disciplining students came to light. After a student urinated in a bucket in the classroom, the teacher allegedly made her male students sniff and put their heads into that bucket to coerce them into snitching on the culprit.

Shawn Martin, father of one of the boys in the class, found out when his son came home and complained about his bad day. "I said you're an 8-year-old in the second grade," said Martin. "How bad could your day have really been?"

When he found out what happened, Martin was naturally outraged. "I don't understand how anybody would make a child do that," he says. "It is unacceptable."

Students were sent home with a note telling parents that they had been exposed to bodily fluids while at school. The teacher in question has been working at the school for 26 years and is apparently still on the job. School officials said in a statement, "This is a personnel matter. Appropriate action has been taken to ensure that such conduct does not repeat itself. We will have no further comment."

Martin, however, feels differently. "They want to sweep it under the rug like it never happened. That is not acceptable [...] There's no right you can find out of this. Zero. Whatsoever."

Martin has filed a formal complaint, but the school only gave him the option of moving his son to another classroom. In Martin's opinion, however, that'd be punishing the wrong person. As of now, it remains unclear if the teacher has really even faced any real consequence for her actions.

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H/T: America Now

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