Dad Made This Incredible Halloween Costume So He Could Carry His Baby With Him In Style

There are Halloween costumes and then there are epic Halloween costumes. The costume featured in this story is the latter. Based on popular ‘90s video game series MechWarrior, this battle-ready robot costume has got the world’s cutest pilot. Built as baby’s first costume, Ryan Bowen and his 6-month-old son Geraint are both key components, with Ryan secretly riding in back.

Behold the “MechDaddy.”

The world’s most adorable battle robot.

Despite its fearsome appearance, the two pilots seem like the sweetest pair of goofballs.

For being made out of cardboard, it’s surprisingly detailed.


Various straps and velcro strips help keep things flexible but solidly in place.

The detail is apparent 360° around the “giant” robot.

It all started with a sturdy frame.

It’s hard to believe this amazing costume is really just some excess packaging.

But a few coats of paint and some creativity resulted in something little Geraint will be thrilled to show his friends years from now.

Check out the costume in action in this short clip:


Via: Imgur

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