Dad Makes DIY Lights For His Children's Desks

With information and tips so easily accessible on the Internet, the DIY community has taken off in recent years. Many people who used to merely have an interest in DIY projects are now empowered through forums and websites – like ours – to take on projects that would normally seem daunting.

The best part of any DIY is the ability to customize your project to your liking. Take this interesting project for example. Setting up a space for a desk and computer is something we all have done, but this father's kids asked specifically for "Hello Kitty" and "dragon" computer stations for Christmas. Not wanting to let his kids down, he used his creativity to make the perfect gifts.

Imgur user Possumism recently posted the details of this project. Looking at the before picture, it isn't hard to see why his kids wanted something more.

Taking his trusty pencil, he began to sketch out the outline of a dragon on a 4x4 piece of plywood.

After the sketch was completed, it came time to carefully cut along the outline using a jigsaw.


With the dragon's wings completed, the head was next. All cracks and imperfections were filled with wood filler before the entire thing was sanded down. Everything is starting to take shape.

The exact same process was repeated for the Hello Kitty cutout. However, he removed a part of the head so that a computer monitor could be mounted through the sheet of wood.

Once the sanding was finished, it was time to prime and paint.

The painting was completed using a foam roller so as to not leave any brush marks.

After the final coat of paint was applied, a layer of clear spray enamel was used to finish the pieces. This really gave the cutouts that eye-catching pop.


Then it came time to mount them on the walls. Spectacular!

LED strips were attached to give each desk a very unique look. He even added butterfly decals to the wall that were color coordinated with the LEDs and Hello Kitty's bow.

Every little detail was perfectly executed. What child wouldn’t love to have something as stunning as this in his/her room?

This dad really pulled out all the stops in creating an awesome-looking space for his kids to play and work in. It's amazing what a little creativity and elbow grease can accomplish.

Via: Little Things | Imgur

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