Dad Turns A Boring $20 Cabinet Into The Perfect DIY Play Kitchen

Holidays are always a highly anticipated part of any child's year, but birthdays? Birthdays are guaranteed to be the brightest point on a kid's calendar. The gathering of friends and family, the cake and the favor bags are all part of what make children's birthday parties so fun, but the presents are what often stand out the most, especially if you have this guy as your father.

It all started with a simple entertainment center.

Yes, it's a little dated and has seen better days, but it looks sturdy.

Even better, though, is the price: a mere $19.99.

Few $20 gifts are going to make such a huge splash at a toddler's party like this one will.

Now, it's time to get to work!

He started by removing the doors so every surface is accessible.

Time to get out the sandpaper and get to sanding. An electric sander would be even better, though.

He needed all the help he could get because the whole piece was covered with a heavy varnish, which made sanding tricky. He also cut a small piece of wood to turn the bottom space into two spaces.

After that, he cut a hole in the horizontal divider and added a metal dog bowl that was purchased for a mere $4.

Can you figure what’s going on here yet?


Next, he added a faucet found at a used home supplies store.

Shopping for everything at second-hand and thrift stores definitely kept costs down.

Then, he cut out four more holes.

These holes will soon be home to some surprisingly realistic stove burners.

Once that was all done, he turned his attention to the doors he had previously removed.

Since this is a present for a toddler, dad made the smart decision to remove the glass and replace it with plywood.

Finally, everything, including doors, got a couple good coats of paint.

Dad chose a lovely mint green.

To finish the stove and oven, he painted the surfaces black, added some electroluminescent wire and placed clear plexiglass over the top of the wire.

The sink area also got a cute upgrade with some plaid contact paper.

Remember that electroluminescent wire that was placed in the burner and oven spaces?

That might be the coolest part of this whole set. Operated by battery, these wires light up very vibrantly but don't get hot.


A simple wire kitchen rack was placed inside the oven to simulate the look of a real oven.

It's also handy when cooking pizza so the bottom of the crust doesn't get burnt, of course!

After a few more mods, he wrapped up the whole creation using an incredibly large amount of wrapping paper.

One can only imagine how long it took the little birthday boy to get this big present opened.

But his clear excitement definitely made all the time and effort worth it.

So much to explore!

This DIY kitchen set blows any store-bought option out of the water.

The grocery list chalkboard, built-in shelves and adorable colors are really winning additions.

The pantry space is certainly enviable, as well.

Looks like we should all be heading to the birthday boy's house for dinner!

Via: Lifebuzz | sixstringhook

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