Dads See Who Can Stack The Most Cheerios On Their Babies' Heads

Calling all dads! We know there's nothing you guys love more than competition, especially with each other. It's now time to find out who's the most daddest dad of them all. We want to know if you've got what it takes to compete in the #CheerioChallenge!

Patrick Quinn is the founder of the blog "Life of Dad." He came up with the idea for the #CheerioChallenge while goofing off with his baby. He placed Cheerios on his baby's nose, and thought it would be fun to see how tall he could make the stack. He posted a picture on Facebook of his baby sleeping with five Cheerios on his nose with the caption, "Can you top 5??? Prove it when you do." The post got more than 10,000 comments and, pretty soon, hundreds of other dads had accepted the challenge. 

Here are some of the best entries so far.

1. Notice that in most of these pictures, the mother seems to be absent from the scene.

Aaron Naden

2. Now that's what I call thinking outside the box (cymbal crash)! Honestly though, if I were a ref, I'd disqualify this one. Too easy.

Lucas Rosa

3. This guy gets extra points for balancing them while the child's awake.

T. Lopez


4. The mythical Cheerios unicorn.

Cat Lewis

6. Just wait until they fall and wake her up. Happy sleeping baby becomes irritable crying baby.

Craig Stanley

7. Four separate stacks. Bravo!

Kelsey Bedford

8. Great job, dad! Now, mind explaining the tattoo?

Bryan Wurtz

9. Children don't develop memories until around the ages of two or three. That means this kid may never know that his father exploited him for internet fame.

A. Moss


10. And here's the current champion. Now, this is an impressive architectural feat, right up there with the pyramids.


11. You've heard of 2 Chainz, now meet 2 Cheerioz.

Mike Crawford

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H/T: Bored Panda

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