Daughter Finds Birth Mother

Jen found out she was adopted at age 7, and it sent her into a crisis. Though she loved her family very much, this revelation raised many questions for Jen. Did she have siblings? Did she look like anyone? How much family did she have out there? She began her hunt for her birth mother, a quest that would take thirty years to complete.

Searching for a birth parent is never an easy undertaking. In addition to the emotional cost of opening yourself up to that, there's DNA testing, private investigating, and every dead end means you have to start again. However, the journey can be well worth it if you get the answers you're looking for.

After decades of searching, Jen found a lead that gave her an address for who she thought might be her birth mother. She kept sending letters and they kept being returned unopened. Jen was convinced that her birth mother knew who she was and was refusing to open the envelopes.

Jen eventually found out she was right, but that's only where the story starts.

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H/T: Little Things | Mr. and Mrs. Wicki

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