Daughter Finds Tiny Fairy Door

Something strange happened while Jen Elzinga was filming her daughter. A door that the little girl had never seen was embedded into the bedroom wall. 

Trying to open the tiny door, she discovered it was locked.

Her mother tell her that a fairy must have been the one to create this door and would likely have the key. Then, the girl notices something on her desk — a secret note!

Jen read the note aloud to her daughter, "Your very own fairy door. It’s up to you when your fairies move in. Simply sprinkle some fairy dust in front of their door and the fairies will show up soon. I’m sure of it. You may never see your fairies come and go, but they will leave things outside of your door for you to see. Have fun and be creative!”

Some parents place treats near the door for their kids, others use it as a place to trade baby teeth for dollar bills. Either way, it's a great way to jog your kids' imaginations.

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H/T: Jen Elzinga | LittleThings

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