Dentists Discover Chunks Of Plastic In Woman's Mouth During Simple Root Canal

Show of hands, who likes going to the dentist for a root canal? No one? It’s not much of a shock that having dental work done is an activity that people find uncomfortable at best. For Emily Lallouz, her root canal quickly turned from ordinarily annoying to quite scary when the hygienist found something hiding in her mouth.

During a routine irrigation after the root canal, Lallouz was asked if she used Crest Pro-Health toothpaste. Although she was confused as to why she was being asked that specific question, she said yes.

Emily Lallouz

That's when the hygienist showed Lallouz the tiny blue balls that she was removing from underneath her gums and in between her teeth. 

Called microbeads, these plastic beads are found in the Crest toothpastes and other products, supposedly to enhance the paste's cleaning abilities.

5 Gyres Institute

Unfortunately, they don't always work exactly as intended. Instead of being washed away with water, they can get stuck. Almost worse, though, is what happens when they do end up down the drain.


The beads eventually make their way to open waters, where they are found by fish and often ingested.

Skin + Sky

With the sheer number of products that contain the bits of plastic, the implications of their usage are scary.

With the nature of retail being one of constant change, it's impossible to keep a complete and comprehensive list of products that utilize the microbes. However, they are most commonly found in beauty products, so make sure to think carefully before purchasing any.

Mother Jones

While the beads have been purported as providing extra cleansing by the companies that use them, the bad certainly outweighs the good.


Luckily, the law is catching up to the technology, and states are slowly banning the sale of products that contain them.

Mother Jones

As of October 2015, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland and New Jersey have all passed pieces of legislation that restrict the usage of microbeads.

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