Design Contest Showcases 2015's Best Miniature Bottle-Cork Chairs

Feb 28, 2015

This miniature chair contest is an annual event hosted by Design Within Reach (DWR), a modern design company. The contest's rules are incredibly simple: build a miniature chair with only label, foil, cage, and cork from a maximum of two glass bottles.

The winners of this contest receive a DWR Gift Card. First place receives $1,000, second wins $500, and third gets $250. The entries and winners of this contest really outdo themselves in terms of creativity.

1. The Crescent Chair by Bruce Hirschman (First Place Winner)

2. The Bubbly Chair by Zach Martin (Second Place Winner)

3. The Piper Beach Chair by Jeffrey Burke Whitten (Third Place Winner)

4. Lounge Chair


5. Club Chair by Monte Allen

6. Adirondack Chair by Isabella Artale

7. Modular Swivel Chair by Dima

8. Lounger by David Ryan

9. Wrought Iron Chair by Ann Daigneault

10. Gravity Chair by Raul Flores

11. Recliner by Ryan Bromm


12. Eames Chair by Tak

13. Beach Chair by Richard Rodgers

14. DCA Lounger by David Cox

15. Chair by Quiethype

16. Quercus Chair

17. Prestige Lounger

Credit: Twisted Sifter

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