Designers Build An Impressive Poolside Patio. What They Used As Material Is Pure Genius

You might see a stack of old wooden pallets and just see garbage. They're flimsy utilitarian objects, but outside being necessary for shipping, stocking and other oh-so-boring industries, they don't exactly cry out for a Pinterest project. Amazingly, Redditor Redhead Fox saw something mighty in the humble pallets. With a lot of ingenuity and a stack of modest pallets, she created a poolside deck straight out of a magazine. Watch as she takes us step by step through her process.

1. Since the pallets are being retired from their duties, they were covered in dirt and splinters. They had to be meticulously sanded, piece by piece.

2. With either a sprayer or a roller, the pallets then get a coat of paint primer. 

3. They chose a classic white color, but a funky color scheme could add an extra pop of color if you dare.

4. Between the primer and the color, the pallets shouldn't need more than two coats, but as they dry, you'll have plenty of time to check out the coverage.

5. Beneath the boards, you'll want a geotextile mat. This will keep mud and moisture off the pallets and reduce the wood rot on the base boards.


6. A layer of pallets becomes floorboards.

7. Another layer turned vertically becomes the back fence and two stacked layers become the seating and table area.

8. As the sun sets, it might look done, but there's still work to be done on day two.

9. Steel rods and wires hold the pallets in place.

10. The front fencing is optional, but it lends an extra charm to the deck.

11. Pillows, seat cushions and adorable pastel garlands add the finishing touches.


12. So do the flower pots in the fence pieces.

13. A cooler settles into the corner, perfect for stocking with ice for a summer lounge day.

14. Some shade and tanning lounge chairs with beach towels bring the vacation right to the backyard.

15. The pool can be deflated and stored for the winter, but the pallets will do just fine year-round.

16. Some string lights and candles make this patio a whimsical, romantic spot when the sun goes down.

17. Did someone say ladies' brunch?

Via: Reddit

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