Desperate Stray Dog Hopped Into A Car For One Last Chance At Survival

There's little that will tug at a person's heartstrings more than seeing a poor, neglected dog stumbling down the side of the road. After living on the street for some time, pups not only deteriorate physically, but sometimes become unfriendly, skittish, scared or even aggressive. Because of this, it's not always easy to get a stray pup to come to you, no matter how well-meaning you are.

That's certainly not the case with the poor doggy in this picture.

She was found wondering across a bridge in an incredibly sad state, underweight and almost entirely bald and covered with sores, due to parasites and the elements.

She wasn't scared, however. As soon as a car stopped on the side of the road and the passenger opened the door and called to her, she hopped right in.

The friendly folks who picked her up named her Kelsey and took her straight to the vet.


Once there, she was offered food and water, which she downed with no hesitation.

The incredible vet and staff at the office didn't even think twice before wrapping her up in a cuddly towel and showing her the first bit of love she'd received in who knows how long.

Once she was examined by the vet, they were able to come up with a care plan for getting Kelsey back to the picture of health.

With doctor's orders received, they brought Kelsey home, where she spent time outdoors with her family ... a far cry from her life on the streets.

She soon learned how to play with the family's other dog and made friends quickly.


After a short time of being given a healthy diet of food and love, Kelsey was gaining weight, her skin was clearing up and she was getting closer to becoming her old self again.

As the sores on her skin healed and the health issues causing them were treated, her white fur began to grow back in soft patches.

A soft bed, ample food and water and lots of love from her new family helped her along the road to recovery.

Although she looks like a completely different pup, this picture was taken just a few months after she was first picked up.

While Kelsey will surely always love her owners for the chance they took on her, I'm convinced the adoration is mutual.

Via: Diply | Acid Cow

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