Detailed Sculptures Of Discarded Scraps

Mar 19, 2016

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, and here at Wimp, we've definitely seen plenty of stuff that backs that up. From simply taking something old and repurposing it (upcycling) to actually making something uniquely beautiful using things that were straight up trash, there are a lot of very talented people out there who know how to look at stuff most people have no value for and turn it into something beautiful. 

Take scrap wood or metal for instance. If you live near some woods or a beach, chances are you've found plenty of gnarled, dead hunks of wood. Most of us would just keep on walking right by that piece of wood, but artist Jason Waldron sees some possibilities that the rest of us don't. Where we see dead wood, he sees a living animal just waiting to be set free.

Jason creates his incredibly lifelike sculptures using bits of scrap metal and wood that he salvages from junkyards and recycling centers, as well as stuff he finds out in the wilderness of his home state of Oregon.

He goes out foraging for materials with his wife and dog, letting his inner child run free as he digs through scrap heaps.

Though he's always loved art and nature, he came upon wood carving entirely by chance. After attending a wood-carving demonstration once, he fell in love with it and quit his job the next day!


14 years later, he's still going strong.

Instead of carving from a single piece, he builds a sculpture using smaller pieces. Though he occasionally shapes some of them himself, he generally leaves the pieces in their natural state. 

He sees the process of transforming dead, discarded material as a parallel to the transformative journey of spiritual growth that we all go through in life.

He says that "Like these materials, we are all being shaped through the elements of life ... as we unite our weathered and broken selves in true love."

The kinds of woods he uses give each piece a unique personality, and also reflects the landscape that the material came from.


Sometimes, he also uses large, extra gnarly pieces.

Jason sees the beauty and potential in everything.

It takes plenty of reference photos to create works this lifelike.

The way the wood and metal are weathered and distressed creates some truly one-of-a-kind colors and textures. The rugged, natural beauty speaks for itself.

As Jason like to think, it's this weathering that makes our lives beautiful and meaningful, showing that even the most beat-up parts of ourselves are worth celebrating.

H/T: LittleThings | Waldron 3D

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