Determined Aunts Save Niece's Life By Solving A Medical Mystery

Rihanna was an athlete for as long as she could remember. She was most at home when she was competing. When she was younger, Rihanna was an excellent softball pitcher and a gymnastics champion. Unfortunately, around the sixth grade, Rihanna began struggling with tantrums, anxiety, and compulsive behavior. She would hide under school desks and rip out her hair due to the anxiety. Her mother was horrified and worried sick.

When Rihanna reached high school, she was now suffering from depression and experiencing suicidal thoughts. Rihanna and her family consulted 15 doctors, and none of them knew what was wrong. It seemed like there was nothing left to do. But then Rihanna's aunts teamed up to solve their niece’s medical mystery.

The two aunts used their nursing experience and internet research to crack the case. They stumble on a blog post written by a woman whose son went through a very similar situation as Rihanna. At this point, Rihanna's mother was getting ready to place her into a group home, but then she got a phone call that changed her life.

Watch the video to find out how Rihanna's aunts figured it out.

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