Diamonds Are Great, But The Beauty Of These Rare Opals Is Simply Beyond Compare.

Diamonds get all the attention. They're forever, they're a girl's best friend, and they're the final word on bling. But, have you really taken a good look at opals? If you don't have an October birthday (yes, opals are the birthstone for anyone born in October), you might not have considered the opal to be much to look at. But, these gorgeous gemstones can be found in any color and they emit various flashes of color in different lights. Check out these truly phenomenal gemstones.

This is a rare opal from Oregon. Discovered recently, it is named the Opal Butte. 

It had been over a century since opals were last discovered in Oregon.

Doesn't it look like an underwater scene?


You almost expect to see a fish swimming past. And, this is totally made by nature.

Australia produces 97% of the world's opals. This, however, is not one of them.

They are also Australia's national gemstone. The US's gemstone is Tourmaline, in case you were wondering.


Check out these stalagmites in this opal.

This one is the Fire Opal, often found in Mexico where rock strata containing the gemstones run through the Mexican highlands.

This Australian opal is named the Lightning Ridge Black Opal, an extremely rare variety.

Credit: Beautiful Minerals

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