Different Ways You Can Reuse Pill Bottles

Each year, over 100 million tons of waste end up in landfills in the United States alone. Space for all our trash is increasingly coming at a premium, and this has resulted in society doubling down on the importance of recycling, reusing and composting as much trash as we can. According to Duke University, "Approximately two-thirds of our household waste can be composted. If compost is not an option, vermiposting (composting with worms) is popular in apartment settings. Additionally, many urban areas are now experiencing an increased interest in urban gardening. Look around your communities and neighborhoods to find local gardens that may accept your food scraps for compost."

Pill bottles are something that so many of us are guilty of tossing in the trash. However, aside from being a container for our medications, these bottles can come in real handy in a variety of different situations. Here are just some of the different ways they can be used:

1. A Compact Emergency Kit

Survival At Home

There really is no excuse for not being prepared for an emergency. When you are out and about, the worst things always seem to happen when you least expect them to. Be prepared by using a pill bottle to create your own miniature emergency kit. You can learn exactly what to put in it by following the link here.

2. A Fire-Starter Kit

Mom With A Prep

The next time you go camping, be sure to pack a miniature fire-starter kit so that you won't have to struggle to get a roaring fire going. This kit also makes a great complement to the miniature emergency kit above. Make your own by following the instructions here.

3. Button Storage

Consumer Crafts

There is nothing quite like the disappointment of losing a button on your most cherished garment. What’s even more heartbreaking is if you have no idea where you put the spare buttons for it. Using pill bottles, you can make your own button organizer system by following the instructions found in this link.

4. Customizable Gift Box

In My Own Style

Making your own jewelry and small trinkets is a great way to express your creativity. However, creating the perfect packaging for them can be a challenge. Learn how to make gift boxes that are as creative as your heartfelt creations by following these instructions.


5. Cookie-Making Tool


Believe it or not, pill bottles can actually help you create the delicious cookies you see above. Using the bottle as a cookie cutter, you too can make this mouth-watering treat by following the directions found in this link.

6. Coin Purse


Pill bottles are the perfect size for carrying stacked coins without taking up too much space. But don't settle for something that looks bland; decorate yours by following these simple instructions.

7. Makeup Organizer

Laura Thoughts

With the cap left off, pill bottles are great for storing everything from eyeliners to brushes. You can even put magnets on them to attach them to metal surfaces for your convenience. Learn what you'll need by checking out the instructions here.

8. House-Key Hider

Thrifty Fun

Hiding a spare key somewhere might be a good idea in case of an emergency. However, having your key exposed to the elements is less than ideal. Making your own pill-bottle key hider is easy if you follow these steps.

9. Travel Container

The Beauty Blog

When preparing for a long trip, it is always recommended that you bring a travel-sized container of shampoo, body wash and any creams you may need. Unfortunately, travel-size packages are usually outrageously overpriced for what you end up getting. A great way around this is to make your own containers by using pill bottles.


10. Measuring Cup For Laundry Detergent

The Crafty Blog Stalker

The cups that come with laundry detergent usually tell you to use more than you really need. Pill bottles make for useful transparent containers to measure with, and you can even mark a line to indicate how much you need. Learn more about this here.

11. Snack Holder

Cook Bake & Decorate

Pill bottles are a great way to carry small portions of snacks like nuts or candies on the go. They can even be used to make a special "prescription for love" present like the one seen above. To learn more about this project, be sure to check out this link.

12. Cotton Swab Container


Q-tips are great for getting into all those small nooks and crannies, but they usually come in a large box that can be quite unwieldy. Store them and other toiletries in a pill bottle to easily access them or to take them with you anywhere.

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