Disabled Child Loves Her Great Dane

At 11 years old, Bella is very different from the average 5th grader. When she was around two years old, Bella was diagnosed with a condition known as Morquio syndrome. The situation was very grave, and Bella had a life full of health problems to deal with.

Morquio syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder that can be extremely debilitating to the body. One of symptoms of the condition is that it typically has a huge impact on the skeletal system and the heart. Unfortunately, the majority of patients living with this condition have shortened lives. Fortunately for Bella, this stormy cloud has its silver lining.

When she was only two and a half years old, Bella was sent to see a geneticist because of abnormalities in her growth. In 2007, she was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome.


Shocked with this revelation, her parents eventually had to come to terms with constant surgeries and treatments that Bella would be requiring. Every case is different, but it looked like she would need between 30 to 50 surgeries alone.

Even with the best treatments, Bella was always in pain and discomfort. She needed crutches for most of her life.

After everything she had gone through, Bella eventually found her strength in the bond that she formed with a service dog in 2015.


Named George, the service dog instantly took a liking to Bella and the two would eventually go home together after a few meet-and-greets.

George has been nothing short of an amazing companion. Since his arrival, Bella has been trying harder and harder to overcome her disabilities. With their bond providing extra motivation and support, Bella now walks with George as her crutch.

Check out the video below to learn more:

Via: Little Things | Beautiful Bella

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