Diver Doesn't Get What This Seal Wants. When He Stretches His Hand Out, I Was Cracking Up

This adorable clip shows diver Gary Grayson's surprise encounter with an Atlantic gray seal in Scilly Isles off the coast of Great Britain. The curious seal swims right up to Gary and touches noses with him.

The next thing you know, it's flipping over and inviting Gary to give him a belly rub just like a puppy dog would! Ally McMillan, CEO of Seal Rescue Island, says, "It really shows how sweet, curious and dog-like seals are."

Gary is an experienced diver who has been around the world and swam with crocodiles, sharks, dolphins, and more, but he says that this particular encounter is the one he treasures most. "I’m usually the one with the camera but when I saw everyone had taken a shine to this seal I said 'you film, I want a go.'"

"I have been diving with seals before and had them buzzing around you before but I’ve never had one that stayed so close for that amount of time and was so friendly."

"‘It was amazing and something I’ll never forget – I have the video on my phone now and watch it all the time. In fact, I’ve probably bored all my friends going on about it."

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H/T: Gary Grayson

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