Divers Discover Ruins Of An Ancient Egyptian City Beneath The Mediterranean Sea

When underwater archaeologist Frank Goddio went deep diving into the Mediterranean Sea, in the Abu Qir Bay on the Egyptian coast, he wound up finding something truly remarkable.

Thousands of years ago, a city sunk into the Mediterranean Sea.

Thonis Heracleion was an Egyptian port city founded in the 8th Century BCE.

It's thought to be around the 8th Century CE that the city, due to natural disasters, was lost to the sea.


Frank Goddio and his team discovered the city, with all its artifacts and ancient treasures.

Here they are inspecting the ancient statue of a pharaoh.

The team very carefully started bringing the artifacts up to the surface.

Each one is a clue about this city's culture and history.


Isn't it amazing how long these relics were buried in the Abu Qir Bay?

A discovery like this is an underwater archaeologist's dream.

Credit: Reddit

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