Divers Swim With Marine Iguana In The Galápagos Islands

Apr 5, 2016

The ocean is a terrifying place. There, I said it. I mean, beaches are pretty nice, as long as you don't get too close to the water. And, sure, it's filled with all kinds of beautiful creatures, like dolphins and sea turtles, but it's also filled with tons of terrifying ones like these guys. Did you know that as of 2012, roughly 95% of earth's oceans were still unexplored? And nearly two-thirds of ocean life has yet to be discovered? Who knows what kind of unseen terrors are lurking beneath the surface? Needless to say, you couldn't pay me enough sand dollars to spend five seconds alone in the middle of the deep blue sea.

But, even someone as afraid of the ocean as I am can admit how cool marine iguanas are. I always thought of iguanas as land reptiles, but it turns out marine iguanas, which can only be found in the Galápagos Islands, are capable of diving as deep as 30 feet! This is a pretty rare trait among modern day lizards, and marine iguanas put it to good use. 

Instead of preying on fish or other creatures, these iguanas munch on algae that grow on rocks at the bottom of the sea. Suddenly, these scary looking reptiles don't seem so menacing. In fact, "going for a swim and then eating some vegetables" sounds like a great way to spend a summer day. It turns out I have more in common with the marine iguana than I originally thought! I think this might be the start of a more positive relationship between me and marine life, but don't expect me to adopt a pet angler fish anytime soon ...

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H/T: Steve Winkworth

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