DIY Backyard Deck Made Entirely From Pallets

Throughout the winter, most of us anticipate the onset of spring because of the warm weather. It allows us to do so many activities that we simply cannot do during the cold, snowy season. Pool parties, camping trips, beach days ... the options are endless.

If you are more of a homebody, you can still enjoy the beautiful weather in the comfort of your own backyard. Imgur user RedheadFox has a gorgeous, spacious yard that could be used for an array of purposes. She already owned an above-ground pool, so she decided to make an outdoor lounge to complete her backyard utopia. If that sounds too complicated and ambitious for you to achieve, then read on to find out just how far from the truth that can be.

For a big project like this, it is extremely helpful to start with an outline of where you want everything to be placed. It will also help you determine how many pallets you will need. RedheadFox's terrace was going to be 14 by 20 feet, which would require the following amount of pallets:

  • 100cm x 120cm pallets (20 for the floor)
  • 100cm x 120cm pallets (3 for the table)
  • 80cm x 120cm pallets (12 for the bench)
  • 100cm x 120cm pallets (8 for the high fence)
  • A handful of cut-off pallets for the lower fence

Once the diagram is set and all the materials are gathered, it's time to prep the pallets by smoothing the edges and irregularities with some sandpaper and an angle grinder.

Then, she primed and spray-painted her pallets so that her final product will be entirely white. This may take a while, as there are quite a few pallets. Just remember that the outcome is well worth all the effort!

White is a fantastic color to use, as it can match virtually any decoration and stands out very well in contrast to the vibrant grass around it.

When all the pallets are painted, leave them out to dry in the sun.


To set the foundation for the lounge area, she laid a four-by-six-meter sheet of garden fleece over the area to prevent grass and other plants from sprouting up between the gaps of the pallets.

Time to lay out the 20 pallets to make the floor.

Next, the back and side walls were set up, along with the L-shaped seating area and table.

The lounge area is really starting to come together.

The structure is right beside their backyard fence, so the pallet walls are held in place with metal rods and wire. With the fence for support, it's actually quite sturdy.

Now, the cut-off pallets can be lined up at the front to make a fence at the entrance. Later, flowers will be added to contrast the white.


Now for the fun part: decorating the lounge! Comfy cushions are a must-have for the seats, and some vibrant throw pillows will make it look like an elegant, outdoor lounge.

Here are the flowers lined against the fence. They are the perfect accent to all the white in the structure.

All that's needed now are some nice, cold beverages and delicious snacks. Your friends will invite themselves to this wonderful venue.

What a perfect hangout spot for the summer!

Add some lounge chairs on the deck, and you've pretty much got your own private "staycation" paradise. To see the full details of this project, be sure to check out the post here.

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H/T: Cleverly | RedheadFox

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