DIY Decorating Hacks To Make Your Home Feel Bigger And Brighter

Home, they say, is where the heart is. It's our fortress against the world. Sadly, despite the importance of our homes in our lives, it's all too easy to neglect our spaces, no thanks to the competing pressures for our attention (and money) today.

So, we wanted to help you get more out of your home, but without having to spend too much money to do it. We've found some amazing ways to make things feel bigger and brighter in your houses and we'd like to share them today. We hope that you enjoy them and can put them into practice to get real pleasure from them and your home!

1. You Can Use Mirrors To Open Up A Space

The Lettered Cottage

If you hang mirrors strategically in small rooms, you can open the space up in those rooms significantly. They make it feel like there are infinite amounts of depth in some places. 

2. A Small Mirror Plus Rope Equals Cute Decoration


You can glue a coil of rope to the outside of a small mirror, and by doing so, you can create a beautiful hanging decoration without spending a fortune. 

3. Jar Organizers Can Be Used To Brighten Up A Space

The DIY Playbook

This is an incredibly simple but effective way to inject a little beauty into any space. Hang some jar organizers on the wall and then fill the jars with flowers, beads or something else colorful and warming. 

4. Origami Can Be Incredibly Versatile

The 3RS Blog

If you're a dab hand at paper folding, then you can make all sorts of interesting things out of origami—like this lamp shade, which is the same shape repeated over and over again. 

5. Color Prints On Curtains Give A Fresh Feel

A Thoughtful Place

If your room is starting to feel a little drab, then you can reinvigorate it by adding a splash of color to the tops of your curtains. 


6. Use Curtains To Make The Room Feel Taller


If you want to make the best of ultra-tall ceilings, hang the curtains in the room closer to the ceiling and let them hang down long over windows. 

7. Make The Bathroom Look Deeper With The Shower Curtain


You can make your bathroom seem deeper by using the shower curtain to add depth. Hang the curtain close to the ceiling and it will provide the illusion of more space. 

8. Custom Curtain Rods Give A Creative Twist To The Room


This is a cheap and easy way to add a little personality to the room you are in most. Swap out the curtain rods for something a little unusual for that creative spark. 

9. Spruce Up Your Curtains With Interesting Ties


Most people don't pay any attention to the material they tie curtains together with, but choosing something fresh and original can give your curtains a new lease of life. 

10. Change Your Cupboard's Personality With New Handles

Bright Side

You don't need to change your cupboards to make a room feel different, you can change the handles instead which is much cheaper and equally as effective. 

11. Make Your TV Interesting With A Frame

Decorating Your Small Space

This is a really cool way to make that wall-mounted TV look awesome! Just add a brightly colored picture frame and you get a completely new and fascinating visual impact.


12. Clear Up Annoying Wires With A Shower Rod

Fresh Crush

We all find that we have an endless amount of cable hanging around nowadays—but if you want to make the place look tidier, use a little curtain rod to hide those cables from view. 

13. Make Cables Decorative


If you don't fancy hiding those annoying cables from view, you can do something else and make the cables into an artistic design using some cable clips. 

14. Create A Headboard Design From Plywood

Classy Clutter

Plywood is cheap and really easy to turn into any shape that you like. Create a backboard for your bed that looks awesome but doesn't cost a lot. 

15. Make A Four Poster Bed Without Effort


If you like that four-poster bed canopy look, but can't afford a new bed frame, it's all good. You can use curtain rods to create the same effect for much less money. 

We hope that these super tips will make your home a bigger, brighter space without you having to spend very much money. 

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