DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Rack

Shoes are one of the most basic necessities for traveling outside. If you were to go on a hike, you could make it far enough without a shirt or pants on, though we wouldn't recommend it considering that's public indecency, but try to hike a mile without shoes and you're in for a rough time. These days, shoes do a lot more than protect our feet. Over the years, shoes have evolved to be something entirely different than what they started as. They're made for comfort, fashion and just about every sport imaginable. I'm still not entirely sure what separates a tennis shoe from a running shoe or a basketball shoe, but the people at the store assure me that they're different.

No matter how big or small or bedazzled your shoes are, there's one rule that applies to everyone who wears them: take them off before stepping inside your house. Last week, we showed you the scientific reason why you shouldn't wear your shoes inside the house, and now we're going to show you how to keep those shoes from piling up in an unruly pile on your doorstep.

Rob Palmer of Better Homes and Gardens understands how much of a hassle shoe storage can be. Sometimes, walking through the front door feels like navigating a minefield of old sneakers and flip flops ... but no more! Rob's shoe tower might look a little complicated, but his instructions (and accent) are so easy to listen to that you'll make quick work of this craft with a little determination and elbow grease. Oh, we almost forgot to tell you the best part! This shoe holder doesn't simply sit still and hold your shoes. No, it spins around like a lazy susan, making it easier than ever to access your shoes and put them back when you're done.

For this project, you'll need a decent bit of plywood. Don't worry, you won't need a workshop as advanced as Rob; a circular saw and a workbench will work just fine.

From your plywood, you want to have nine circular wooden discs, 24 short rectangles and five tall rectangles. These rectangles will be used as the dividers between each shoe cubby.


Next, Rob attaches six small rectangles onto four of the wooden circles. He uses a combination of glue and nails to secure them in place. This process can be seen in greater detail in the video at the end of this story.

You'll need to use some simple geometry/measuring to make sure everything is perfectly in place.

Then, begin stacking the layers on top of each other, saving the layer with the larger dividers for the bottom.

He chose to finish it off with a coat of white paint, but we think any color would look good.

Here's where the magic happens. This looks like a flat, black wheel, but it's actually a spinner that'll transform this storage tower into an impressive lazy susan. These are available online and don't cost very much money.


Simply place it between the large bottom level and the smaller top levels and there you go!

When it's all finished, this craft can hold 25 pairs of shoes.

The bottom level is perfect for tall boots, or even stacking pairs of regular shoes in a pinch.

The black finish on the white paint is a lovely touch. This piece makes a great addition to any porch, foyer, laundry room or closet in need of organization.

Check out the video to see Rob in action as he completes this project from start to finish. If you would like to build this yourself, here is a list of everything you need to know.

Via: NX2

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