DIY Potato Skins

Who says creating a delicious appetizer has to be difficult? This recipe is simple - and most importantly - is sure to become a party favorite! 

Jamielyn, a blogger from I Heart Naptime, has unleashed, perhaps, the simplest potato skin recipe we've ever seen. According to Jamielyn, the inspiration for this recipe was a need for something easy, cheap, and a snack enjoyed by all during the Superbowl. As she states, "Everyone loved them!" 

Of course, why limit this tasty treat to just gameday? Along with being just too darned delicious, this recipe is simple - I mean, really simple. If you've ever labored over a traditional potato skin recipe, you understand the sheer amount of prep work these bite-sized snacks require. However, thanks to Jamielyn, you can still enjoy the crunch of the skin without the hassle of a more traditional approach. 

As Jamielyn states, the ease of this recipe is "because you don't have to scoop out the potatoes." This, my friend, is the secret to her recipe. 

To begin, wash the potatoes and cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Slice the potatoes into half-inch slivers.


Add flavor by brushing both sides of the potato rounds with butter and salt.

While you may be tempted to begin loading up the potatoes with your favorite toppings, hold off. Bake the potatoes at 400-degrees for 40 minutes - or until the surface is lightly browned. 

Once browned, turn the potatoes over and allow them to bake for 15 minutes.

Here's where the fun begin. Take the browned potatoes out of the oven and cover them with your favorite potato skin toppings, such as cheese, green onions, bacon bits, and did we mention cheese?

Top off this mouth-watering recipe by sticking the potatoes back in the oven until the toppings are perfectly melted.


Once melted, it's time to begin the feast! TIP: Add a dollop of sour cream for a cool, creamy blast with every bite. 

See the full recipe here.

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H/T: Key Recipes | I Heart Naptime

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