DIY Pouf Seat

We've seen a lot of Christmas crafts so far this season. From pine cone ornaments to mini Santa hats, it's a great time to feel crafty. But what about the other days of the year? While seasonal crafts are great, you always have to put them back in the closet eventually. That's why we were glad to find this super cool way to make our very own poufs using rope and a painter's bucket. Check out the images below for the simple instructions. And, hey, just because these poufs aren't seasonal doesn't mean they wouldn’t make great Christmas gifts!

The materials:

- painter's bucket
- sisal rope (about 120 feet)
- a bag of microfiber towels
- drawer knobs
- cardboard
- curtains or other fabric
- velcro
- glue gun
- staple gun
- X-Acto knife
- scissors

First, remove the handle on the bucket (unless you like your seats with handles). Next, start gluing the rope onto the bucket with your hot glue gun.

Try to keep the rope as tight as possible so that you can't see the bucket underneath.


To create your lid, trace the bottom of the bucket on a piece of cardboard.

Use that cardboard circle to cut a circle out of your chosen fabric.

Cut a hole in the middle of the fabric and cardboard using your X-Acto knife. This is where you'll put the drawer knob.

Stick the knob into the fabric first and the cardboard second.

Your fabric should now be secured to the cardboard. Lift it up and begin stuffing your microfiber towels underneath. Wrap them around the knob and glue them down for the best results.


Once that's done, flip over your cardboard and staple the fabric to the other side.

Almost done! Trace one more circle of fabric.

Glue it onto the back of your lid to cover up the cardboard and staples.

Attach self-adhesive velcro strips to the bucket and lid.

Stick them together and you're all finished! You now have a brand new pouf that'll look great anywhere. Don't be afraid to get creative and make new cushions to swap in and out.

Via: Jumble Joy | JUSTDIY

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