DIY Slime Bubbles Are A Gooey Good Time

If there's one thing we can say for certain about kids, it's that they LOVE to get messy. Whether it's splashing around in the mud or starting a food fight, little ones will jump at any chance they get to ruin their clothes and get gross. While we love the fun and creativity that these messy moments bring, we wish there was a way to make cleanup a little easier. If you've ever felt this way too, then you've got to check out this recipe for DIY slime bubbles that are more fun and less messy than they sound.

Brooke, from the popular YouTube channel "WhatsUpMoms," shows us how liquid starch, transparent glue, and food coloring are all you need to get this fun craft going. The recipe ends up thicker than other homemade "slime" recipes, which makes it perfect for blowing bubbles. Once you've finished the recipe and are happy with the color, take a small glob into your hand, insert a straw, and blow! The huge, slimy bubbles it makes will be fun for both kids and adults to play with.

Worried about this stuff drying out after a day or two? Don't! This slime will maintain its consistency for weeks if stored in a Tupperware container. Brooke suggests making this bubble slime for your child's next playdate, party favors, or as a great sensory activity.

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H/T: WhatsUpMoms

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