DIY Yarn Flip Flops

Summer is practically here, which means it's finally appropriate to start wearing open toe shoes everywhere you go. Seriously, is there anything better than feeling the breeze between your toes? Flip-flops and sandals make you feel so much cooler (both temperature-wise and fashion-wise) and are the ideal choice when visiting the pool or the beach.

You can pick up a cheap pair of plastic flip-flops at most clothing stores, but what's the fun in that? You'd be surprised how easy it is to transform a pair of flip-flops into a unique piece of footwear in just a few simple steps. Wilma, from the DIY blog "By Wilma," has shown us a clever way to improve a pair of flip-flops using nothing more than some yarn and a pair of scissors. She recommends braiding your own yarn out of old t-shirts, but any yarn will do. Check out the images below to learn how you can make these awesome yarn flip-flops for yourself this summer.

Start with a pair of flip-flops. These can be old ones you've had forever or a cheap new pair from somewhere like Old Navy.

By Wilma

The first step is taking the straps out. The cheaper the flip-flops are, the easier this step is. You should be able to yank them right out. Then, tie a knot at one end of your yarn and thread the other end through one of the two holes in the back.

By Wilma​​

Next, use the original strap as a guide for how long you should measure your piece of yarn. It's important to remember that yarn will stretch more than a plastic strap, so measure accordingly.

By Wilma​​

Once you've figured out how long you want it, thread the yarn through the other hole, tie a knot to keep it in place, and trim off any excess yarn. Finally, make a loop over the piece of yarn and put both ends through the hole at the front of the flip-flop. Tie a knot underneath and trim away the extra yarn. This will go between your toes and hold your main strap in place.

By Wilma​​


Hold on, we're not quite done yet! The stylish ankle straps are what really set these flip-flops apart. To make them, all you have to do is insert an additional piece of yarn into one of the two holes near the heel. Once you've done this, you can wrap it around your ankle and tuck it into the hole on the opposite side.

By Wilma​​

Here's what they'll look like when you're done!

By Wilma​​

In the mood for some more DIY flip-flops? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Scroll down for six more easy hacks that'll take your flip-flops to the next level this summer.

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