Do NOT Jump In The Water. This Deadly Sight Is One Of The Most Incredible Things I've Ever Witnessed

Animal migration is one of the most fascinating natural occurences. Thousands of different species make journeys of incredible distances and they do it like clockwork. That these creatures know where to go is one thing, but often these migrations also feature stunning displays of organization and teamwork. A species of stringray, the golden ray, is one such group.

Twice a year huge swarms of golden rays make a long journey to a more suitable climate.

The sight, for a lucky sailor who catches it in action, is absolutely out of this world.

This beauty is slightly unnerving as well, when you consider that each of those graceful sea creatures sports a potentially deadly stinger.


However, they only sting when they feel trapped. If you’re brave enough, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Much like any office worker dreams of doing, these rays are headed to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

And just like an office worker flying coach, the conditions are cramped. Up to 10,000 rays swim together.

Their golden, shimmering backs light up in the afternoon sun.


There are just some moments where you look at nature and there are no words.

Credit: Viral Nova | Sandra Critelli

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