Do People Really Look Like Their Dogs? These Photos Have Some Surprising Proof

Remember the opening scene of Walt Disney’s “101 Dalmatians?” Pongo is staring lazily out the window while Roger composes a new tune, and as dogs and their owners pass by, you can’t help but laugh at their resemblance. There’s a well-dressed lady with her poodle, a frumpy art student with a long-haired pooch, and of course, the bookish Anita with the sophisticated Perdita. But do dogs and their owners really look alike in real life?

Ines Opifanti, of Hamburg, Germany, first started to notice the phenomenon when she adopted a puppy three years ago. They often made similar expressions, but did others? In 2015, she put her photography skills to use in a series called “The Dog People.” What she found is hilarious, undeniable proof that humans and dogs are more similar than we ever hoped to imagine.

Here is Ines with her dog Fleur. 

She invited 30 acquaintances and strangers to partake in the project via Facebook. 

First, she photographed the dogs on a small podium. They were given lots of treats and love for participation. 


Then, she snapped shots of the owner’s best impression of their pooch. 

Some of the similarities are uncanny. 

These two even have the same coloring! 

While this duo has surprised, but beautiful eyes. 

Ines doesn’t believe that dogs and their owners come to resemble each other over time …


Rather, she thinks that time spent together results in spot-on impressions. 

You have to admit, the proof is in the pictures. 

Whether happy …

Or sad …

Dogs and their owners have an unbreakable bond. Keep up the good work Ines! We want to see a series on cats next. 

Via: Ines Opifanti

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