Dog Abandoned Due To Her Age Gets A Second Chance

I love humanity, but I'll go ahead and say it: people can be the worst. I've never understood how anyone can be intentionally cruel to an innocent life. Every day, countless children and animals are abused and neglected by people that (in my humblest opinion) form the absolute bottom dredges of the human race. Abuse is one thing, but abandonment is on a whole other level. To suddenly discard a life that you cared for, someone who was depending on you and thought they could trust you - it's just wrong.

Sadly, thousands of pets are abandoned by their owners every year. In some cases, the owners simply leave the animal behind, but what happened to a senior cocker spaniel named Cookie is especially cold-hearted. Cookie was brought in alongside another stray, a one-year-old Labrador. As it turned out, both dogs were owned by the same family. When the owners arrived at the San Bernadino shelter to pick them up, however, they only left with one dog - the young lab.

Cookie was left behind, forced to watch as her family walked away with her younger canine sibling, leaving her heartbroken. A staff member at the shelter took this photo of Cookie watching them leave.

Lynn Hamilton of OC Small Paws So UT couldn't stand to see Cookie become another sad statistic. She and her rescue team got her set up with a wonderful foster home, and she was off to a new life.

Sadly, lot of pet owners abandon senior dogs as they require more specialized care and have higher medical expenses as they age. Most of these abandoned pets get euthanized but thankfully, OC Small Paws was there to help Cookie.

Cookie found a second chance at a happy life, but her doctors also found 12 cancerous tumors. Thankfully, most of them were able to be removed by her faithful vet.

Due to Cookie's medical situation, the team at OC Small Paws has decided not to adopt her out, but to care for her themselves for the rest of her days. Finally, she'll be guaranteed a home with people who truly care.

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