Dog Celebrates A Special Birthday By Having A Party With All Her Friends

A first birthday is a very big deal, and that's why this adorable pup decided to celebrate with all of her friends.

Mom made sure to get all the treats and games to ensure that Marvel, the French Bulldog, would have an awesome party. Marvel's siblings - two dogs, a cat, and a lizard - were all in attendance.

They might be pretty different, but that's never stopped them from enjoying their time together, especially when it comes to chowing down on yummy treats.

Here they all are, from left to right: Skye (six-year-old black Lab), Neave (three-year-old yellow Lab), Marvel (French Bulldog), Espurr (one-year-old cat), and Sparrow (four-year-old bearded dragon). 

Marvel's special birthday also included gifts like a squeaky pizza toy and lots of treats. All the sisters played fetch and tug-of-war in the yard while Sparrow (the only brother) watched on from the sidelines.

Naturally, everyone's favorite part was the food!


There was plenty of food to go around, too, including a dog-friendly cake of oats, carrots, and blueberries with a peanut butter frosting and chicken and cheese biscuits. As for Sparrow the bearded dragon, he had a yummy salad.

The party was clearly a big hit.

Marvel's first year of life was clearly celebrated in style.


So, was it worth it? You bet!

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H/T: Paw My Gosh

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