Dog Dancing On The Couch

Dogs are incredible. There's a reason they're called man's best friend. From the moment you adopt a new pup, they shower you in unconditional love. They lay by your feet when you sit down, they sleep at the foot of the (or on) bed, they stare at the door longingly when you're out, and have an absolute freak out when you return.

Having a dog is also a very functional decision. With proper training, dogs can help guide the blind or sniff out drugs. They can soothe the sick or guard the house. Yep, dogs are a pretty sweet deal.

But, have you ever wondered how people treat their dogs when no one else is home? Some of us might be more likely to treat our dogs more as if they were a human when other people aren't around to see. Now imagine someone walking in on you as you were doing that.

The video below perfectly encapsulates this idea. A man hangs out with his dog, just listening to some music. Then his wife enters the house and sees them doing something... interesting. I won't spoil the video for you so go ahead and watch the video, it'll put a smile on your face!

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