Dog Goes Viral For Trying Adorably Hard To Protect The Family From A Horror Movie

A brave, heroic bulldog is going viral for the way it reacted to a horror movie. Sensing the imminent danger in this scary scene, she starts barking at the screen in order to warn her family. What a great dog!

"Get out of there! Leave the house!"

The movie that Khaleesi the bulldog is growling at is The Conjuring, so I can't blame her. It's definitely a seriously terrifying movie. The poor pup really tries her hardest to warn her favorite character that danger is afoot.

Naturally, the girl in the film doesn't heed Khaleesi's warning, which must be so frustrating to a dog who has no concept of movies or make-believe!

Millions have watched the clip already and the comments are absolutely awesome:

Conclusive proof that horror movie protagonists really are less intelligent than dogs. Come on writers.

If you watch the YouTube link, he barks in all the right places. Wow. He doesn't bark at the family just the thing that's bad.

Dogs only have three modes: 'What do?' 'Where go?' And 'I help?'

Experts say that videos like this - where the dog seems to understand what's happening on-screen - have become a lot more common since the advent of HDTV. Since the images on these TVs have a much faster refresh rate, dogs are better able to distinguish what's going on.

So, while in the past your dog was probably trying to console you during a horror movie, your new HDTV lets her forget about you and get engrossed in the plot for herself. There's even a TV station just for dogs, called "Dog TV," which features "sound, colors and camera angles adjusted to make them more appealing to canines." Research shows that dogs really enjoy shows with other dogs, and also Spongebob.

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