Dog Groomer Offers Free Haircuts To Shelter Dogs

In life, it's important to look spiffy for special occasions like job interviews, parties, or weddings. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to do so. Animals, for example, may need a little help to look their nicest, which is why Mark Imhof set out to give shelter dogs the grooming they deserve.

After leaving his accounting job in 2015, Mark launched a dog-grooming business called "Mark the Dog Guy." His business provided him with a steady income, so he decided to volunteer his talents to local shelters and groom their dogs free of charge. It was actually his fiancée who came up with the idea of providing free makeovers after seeing the difference a simple bath made for one of their own two rescue dogs. After all, helping them look their best could give them a better chance of getting adopted by a loving family.

So far, Mark has transformed about 50 pooches in the New York City area, and his efforts are already paying off as many of the lucky recipients have already been adopted by doting families. Check out the pictures from Mark's Instagram account below to see his amazing work in action.


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H/T: Mental Floss

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