Dog Is Mechanic's Assistant

Sometimes referred to as wiener dogs, dachshunds are one of the more unique-looking breeds of dog out there. The body proportions of dachshunds can look very strange, but they have a surprisingly important purpose. Dating back hundreds of years ago, the dogs were originally bred to track and flush out smaller animals while hunting. Their small stature is perfect for finding burrow-dwelling animals like badgers and rabbits, and their sense of smell is fine enough to track larger ones.

Dachshunds are rarely used in this way presently, but that doesn't mean that they aren't useful to us. Aside from being a great companion, this little guy is also helping to get some work done in the garage.

Seen somewhere in Russia, a patron of a local garage spotted this Dachshund helping out a mechanic.

With a coat full of tools, he's ready to answer any call of "Can you pass me that wrench?"

Not much is known about the dog, but it's clear that he's more than happy to lend a helping paw. Teamwork helps the job get done faster.

It's important to note that the dog's coat is evenly balanced with tools and that the wrenches are small. Because of the length of their torso, they can't support much weight on their backs. But as you can see, this little apprentice is doing just fine.

Via: Bored Panda

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