Dog Jams Out To Some Tunes In The Car

Any dog owner can tell you they feel a deep connection with their dogs. At times, their distinct personalities can even seem almost human, such as when they try to reply to a conversation. Considering how intelligent and observant these animals are, it should come as little surprise that they also have the ability to enjoy music almost as much as we do.

Last year, one German shepherd reached viral fame after her owner caught her dancing along to Flo Rida's "Get Low." What's even funnier is that she dances using only her cute floppy ears! The happy look on her face, along with the perfect synchronization of her movements to the beat should be enough evidence for anyone to tell this dog is clearly a hip-hop aficionado.

Life can be rough these days, with all your responsibilities weighing you down at the end of each day. Sometimes, you've just got to take a cue from this dog, pop on some Flo Rida, and boogie 'til the stress is gone!

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H/T: Jaxson Rose

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