Dog Lets Parents Know About Abusive Babysitter When Baby Can't

Dogs are a man's best friend for a lot of reasons. Of course, they're playful and cuddly, but they are also fiercely loyal protectors of their humans. No matter what size they are and no matter what size the threat is, if something threatens the humans they love, dogs will spring into action without hesitation. 

This is the story of a dog called Killian, who managed to save Finn, his human baby brother, from an abusive babysitter. Benjamin and Hope Jordan, Finn's parents, hired a babysitter to look after him while they were at work. Whenever the sitter came over, however, they noticed that Killian would always growl at her and become very protective of his brother.

Suspecting something was wrong, the Jordans hid an iPhone in their couch to record what happens when they aren't home. What they discovered is absolutely shocking...

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H/T: MrNewsOnWorld

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