Dog Refuses To Give Up His Pacifier

Mar 4, 2016

If you were on Family Feud and got asked to name cute things, we’re guessing dogs and babies would make the list. Well, this video might just top everything else to make the number one spot. At least, that’s what our informal survey says. Maybe it’s the baby-doggy confusion situation going on that’s amped up the cuteness levels to overload, or maybe you just can’t put a finger on it, but make no mistake, this is one adorable dog.

We’re also pretty sure that we’ve never seen a dog so casual about his one true passion. No growling, or attempts to flee with his joy-giving toy, he simply swats his mama’s hand away like so many indifferent and aloof cats might. Though, given his apparent dire need for soothing, maybe he’s had an incredibly busy and active day and just doesn’t quite have the strength to do anything more.

Either way, this pacified pooch is sure to brighten your day almost as much as his binky is brightening his. The look on his face is simply priceless as he matches wits with a lady determined to take his fun away. Nothing’s going to stand in this dog’s way as he soothes himself to sleep. At least until he’s too drowsy to block that hand coming at him.

H/T: Daily Picks And Flicks

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