Dog Rescued From Dark Basement Finally Sees Sunlight For The Very First Time

When the Humane Society of the United States raided a puppy mill in North Carolina, one of the 130 dogs they rescued was B.B., who had spent her life being bred over and over in a dark basement.

This was her lucky day, as she was about to leave this horrible life and get a second chance. Rescuers picked her up and brought her out into the sunlight for the very fist time. It took her several minutes of squinting to adjust her eyes to the light.

Today B.B. is adapting to a better life with a family that loves her. When she first came home, she slept almost non-stop for nearly a week and a half in order to regain her strength and clear the trauma from her mind. She was skin and bones, but has been putting on much-needed weight steadily.

B.B. loves running around the yard and playing with her toys, which she'd never had before. She also loves to be held and craves pretty much any affection she can get. She's finally getting to live the life she deserves.

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H/T: The Humane Society of the United States

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