Dog Reunites With His Cancer-Fighting Dad After They Were Torn Apart By Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on the state of Texas, with thousands of people displaced from their homes. There are so many families that have been tragically torn apart, but thankfully, they're starting to come back together again.

Jeff had been hospitalized at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in HoustonĀ and remained there when Harvey struck. Over the course of his stay, Jeff was used to regular visits with his dog Auryn. Unfortunately, the storm flooded roads so badly that these visits were no longer possible for a while.

Both Jeff and Auryn missed each other terribly, which is why Auryn was brought to the hospital as soon as floodwaters receded. The way he looks at Jeff when he sees him coming, the wagging of his tail, the way he barks - it's clear that this is an emotional reunion for both of them. I'm not going to lie, their embrace definitely had me a little choked up.

Seeing Auryn definitely raised Jeff's spirits. If anyone doubts the strength of your relationship with an animal, this is proof of the undeniable love that can exist between a person and their favorite furry friend.

Watch the emotional reunion below, as shared by Jeff's wife, and remember to SHARE this with your family and friends.

H/T: ILoveMyDogSoMuch

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