Dog Saved By News Crew

When the Brazos River in Texas experienced record flooding, thousands of local residents were forced to evacuate the area in a rush. This meant grabbing whatever essentials they could and heading out. Unfortunately, in all that chaos, it's easy to forget some things. As this heartbreaking video shows, in some cases, that also meant that beloved family pets were left behind.

Whether this family simply didn't think their dog was worth saving, or they simply got too caught up in evacuating, one thing was certain - as the floodwaters rose higher and higher, this dog wasn't going to make it unless she could be untied from her leash. Thankfully, help was on the way.

A local news crew for NBC12 was out reporting on the historic flooding when they found this poor pup. Instead of merely filming the news, the crew actually became the news as one of the cameramen jumped into the water without a second thought to untie the dog and bring her to safety. She was soaking wet and chilled to the bone, but under the supervision of the Houston Humane Society, she was able to make a full recovery!

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H/T: Click2Houston

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